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Brandenburg Gate | Museum Island | Victory Column | Berlin Dom/Cathedral | Memorial Church | Potsdamer Platz | Checkpoint Charlie
Schloß Charlottenburg (Residential Palace) | Gendarmenmarkt | TV Tower | Berlin Central Station Hub | New Government District

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Memorial Church 1. Memorial Church
The Kaiser-Wilhelm memorial church, at Breitscheidtplatz, built in a romanic style,is the main landmark of the Kurfüstendamm Boulevard. Its construction was ordered by Kaiser Wilhelm I and built from 1891 to 1895 according to Franz Schwechtens plans. Substantial damages sustained during WWII left the church very damaged and it now serves as a war monument.

Potsdamer Platz 2. Potsdamer Platz
The Potsdamer Platz has been transformed from virtually nothing to a city centre within a period of ten years. It has also become one of the most attractive and at the same time most modern locations in Berlin. Besides all the "Arkaden" and covered pavements one can also discover the huge Sony Center with 3D-Cinema. Other attracions include the numerous specialty restaurants, such as the Asia Pavillon, the Wiener cafe or even a Sushi Bar.

Checkpoint-Charlie 3. Checkpoint-Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie is one of the most important East-West border crossing points in Berlin. Amongst other attractions it offers the highly recommendable Wall Museum and a "natural light" gallery. According to popular rumours, spies and agents defected and were also swapped at this site. Today, even though a small house is the only reminder of those times, one more interested in this building can make a more detailed discovery tour in the afore-mentioned museum. In 2007, this was the location for the ZDF-channel filming called. "The Lady from Checkpoint Charlie"

Gendarmenmarkt 4. Gendarmenmarkt
The Gendarmenmarkt is definitively one of the top attractions in Berlin. It is flanked by three monumental buildings around it: The German Cathedral, French Cathedral and the concert hall building. The entire complex was erected in the 17th century based on Johann Arnold Nering`s design and planning. It is one of the sites that not only tourist visitiors` but also Berliners must visit!

TV Tower 5. TV Tower
This structure, with a height of 368m, is the tallest in Germany and offers a breathtaking 360 degree panorama view across the entire city. The globe head structure has restaurant facilities. Construction work began in 1964 and took almost 4 years to complete ( October 1969 ), during the Socialist period when it was locted in the GDR.

Museum Island 6. a Museum Island
The unique museum island is one of the largest museum complexes in the whole of Europe. In 1999 it was placed on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites. The island boasts a huge spectrum of museums for visitors. One example is the Old National Art Gallery with interchangeing exhibitions???. However, the most popular is the Pergammon museum by Alfred Messel, which has on display archeological findings from the Antiquity as well as Near East.

Berliner Dom 6. b Berlin Dom/Cathedral
The Berlin Dome (cathedral), situated on the Spree island, is the largest of its kind in Berlin. It was designed according to Rome`s St. Peter`s Dome by Julius Raschdorff. The building period lasted from 1894 till 1905. It houses, amongst others, the Kaiserloge, the Alterpiece by Karl Begas, the main altar by August Stüler, a viewing gallery and the Dome vault - containing over 100 sarcophages of the Hohenzollern Dynasty.

Brandenburg Gate 7. Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate serves as the national unification symbol as well as landmark for the city of Berlin. It was built during the period 1789 - 1791 based on a design by Gottfried Langhans. It is topped by a figure depicting the Peace Goddess Victoria being drawn by a chariot with four horses. This statue was designed by Gottfried Schadow and built in 1784. Travel offices can be found on both sides of the monument. They open daily from 10 00 - 18 00 hours.

Hauptbahnhof / Central Station Hub 8. Hauptbahnhof / Central Station Hub
This central train station is the most important transport hub in Berlin. Any location in Berlin or the Brandenburg region starts here. With its large number of retail businesses one may even regard it as sort of shopping centre. The shops´opening hours last from 0800 till 2200 hours ( all 7 days). The architectural design planning was done by Meinhard von Gerkan.

Schloß Charlottenburg (Residential Palace) 9. Schloß Charlottenburg (Residential Palace)
the Charlottenburg Residential Palace was a King`s residential site for a long time and turned into a museum. It dispays a large picture 18th and 19th century picture collection. In the front court is a huge equestrian statue ( by Andreas Schlüters ) which is presented as a masterpiece of the German Baroque period. The palace garden grounds have been transformed into the present English Garden.

Victory Column Victory Column
The Victory column supports a statue of the Goddess Victoria, which is widely known as the "Golden Else" due to the golden hue. It was designed by Heinrich Strack on behalf of Kaiser Wilhelm I and initially erected at the Königsplatz, which lasted from 1864 till 1873. During the Nazi years it was removed to the present site at the "Großer Stern" ( Big Star ) which also functions as a huge five-street-roundabout. With a height of almost 50m a superb panorama view is possible at this site.

New Government District New Government District
This is the right location for those interested in places where great political decisions took and take place. Apart from the Reichstag and the Chancellor`s office there are a lot more sights to visit!

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